Frequently Asked Questions


Joining Us

Should I be out in my application?

Being out in your application will not impact your admission chances negatively. We do recommend presenting yourself authentically in your application, and if being LGBT has impacted you in a meaningful and relevant way (e.g., you have had a major LGBT leadership experience), then we encourage you to be open in your application. Your application is confidential and your information will not be shared outside the admissions office without your permission.

Is my partner welcome at school events?

The student community is exceptionally welcoming to partners, and partners are welcome at nearly all social events at the GSB. Partners also have a strong community with other partners.


How many members does Pride have?

The number of members who join Pride varies from year to year, but on average our openly LGBT population is about 5% of a given class, in line with peer school statistics. This means there are currently about 40 openly LGBT students.

Are there LGBT faculty members?

Yes, there are LGBT faculty members at both the GSB and also at Stanford University. Faculty members frequently serve as advisors for events such as the annual Pride retreat.



What is the GSB LGBT community like?

The GSB LGBT community is a well integrated, respectful, and diverse group. We are leaders within the broader GSB and participate in a variety of groups on campus, yet we form a supportive community and gather periodically for social and professional events. We are fortunate to be located within Stanford, which has a very large LGBT community. We are only 40 minutes away from San Francisco, birthplace of the gay rights movement.

Do you have a critical question that is not answered above? Feel free to reach out via the contact form below. (Note: Reaching out will not impact your admissions decision; we are unable to arrange in-person visits. Please contact the admissions office directly with any admissions questions.)